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Flame in the community

Multi-Nationality On-Site Skill Transfer Program
From the first day on site, our policy has been to expose and transfer knowledge to our local artisans and workmen to enhanced, efficient and finer methods of construction, through hand in hand interaction with artisans and instructors from different parts of the world. This has recorded successful training of more than 1000 Zambians, and continuous to achieve fruitful results. 

We take pride in training more than 400 local workmen during the Radisson Blu project and more than 400 during the Robert Makasa University project in Muchinga Province, Northern Zambia. 

Empowerment through Self-Employement Program

The positive result of Flame's "Multi-Nationality On-Site Skill Transfer Program" encourages many employees to choose to break away and come back as self-employed entrepreneurs, as sub-contractors. 

This program extends grants for registration fees of business names and companies; it welcomes back the ex-employees as subcontractors and gives priority to their engagement. Higher rates are awarded to these new entrepreneurs to help them build their working capital.

Further Your Education
Knowledge is Power; Flame takes pride in giving back to our community by providing education opportunities both within the organisation and outside.

Under our "Further Your Education Program" a number of staff as well as students in need enjoy fully paid Flame Scholarships at the University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies and several vocational school.