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Market Leader

Flame is a market leader in the construction industry and as a result of the Lafarge partnership and the exclusive distributorship agreements, is able to translate the collaboration, into an excess of 60 years experience in construction management across a multitude of projects to work for you, the client.

Flame’s partnership with Lafarge, Caparol, Knauf and other internationally recognized building materials manufacturers transforms our capacity into providing the client with cutting edge technology, professional, on time project completion and best practice. The collaboration benefits not only the clients, but industry standard by implementing state of the art technology and best practice.

Flame currently employees about 480 Zambians, and has strategic 2015 growth plans of increasing the local work force to approximately 1,000 Zambians.

“I believe in teaching a man to fish rather than give him the fish to allow him sustain his livelihood, this partnership exposes my fellow Zambians to new processes and standards, it empowers the team with knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their life”, Mohamed Salama.