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Mechanised Plaster

The plastering works are made in mechanised manner (in PFT system) with the help of a plastering mobile pump - with this pump, highly efficient injections and applications can be made - using special or traditional mortar in humid status. With specific accessories, the equipment can be used in order to transport mortar on long distances (120 m) at high levels (50 m) and in places that are difficult to access. We execute works with special mortar and with mortar that we produce. 

Mechanised application or mortar has the following advantages: 
• less handicraft
• diminished losses
• it simplifies logistic and site organisation
• execution speed increases - less time needed to prepare and for hand-made finishing of the surfaces
• the possibility to treat work fronts with the utmost productivity and in difficult locations

Main fields of use:
• humid stucco on concrete structures, application of pargets, basic plasters
• plasters for adhesion and reinforcement
• application of decorative plasters and of concrete grounds
• application of roughcasts, plaster for renovation

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