Office building for Puma energy in Mungwi Road in Lusaka

Wednesday 12.03.2014

We are glad the announce our appointment by Puma Energy as the contractor for the construction of their  prestigious double storey commercial office building at their Head Office in Lusaka, Zambia. 
Project Description:
The commercial office building is a square shaped building measuring 28x28 metres comprising of two floors of working space. The area of the office building and parking covers a surface of 5,115.56 square metres. 
The building will house the commercial offices with an open office area on the first floor with a capacity of 72 desks. It also has two internal meeting rooms, a closed office and a boardroom. The open office area is a double height space which allows ample light penetration. Reception and external meeting rooms are placed on the ground floor including a canteen and conference room.
The facades also alternates opaque and transparent area placing each cladding type on opposite sides of the building. As a result , the vision areas are placed on the E-W axis at the ground floor and on the N-S axis on the first floor. The final composition of the elevation sets a powerful frontage to the entrance areas. The total height of the building is around 10 metres at the fa├žade perimeter, increasing slightly beyond 11 metres at the plant roof due to due hot deep galvanised steel grating that conceals the building machinery.
Design Team:
Ruiz Pardo & Nebrega Architecture & Engineering in association with Civilstruts Consulting Engineers
Project Value:
USD3,324,258.35 (Three Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Four Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Eight United States Dollars and Thirty Five Cents)
Contract Period:
Eight (8no.) Months
Start Date:
February 2014
Completion Date:
September 2014